Close to Here (2017) explores an enduring sense of longing, loss and absence in the face of uncertain return. The theatrical work is set in a nearby city, where times of peace are few and far between. Most inhabitants go to war; some die in battle, while others disappear, their presumed fate only marked by their absence. Those that remained in these cities have developed a tradition, in which funerary rehearsals are performed the night before loved ones depart. Close to Here is confined to the story of a city that is consumed by the melancholy of its own people. The performance is a collaboration between Julia Kassar, Lina Sahhab, Sandy Chamoun, Liliane Chlela, Fouad Afra, Bashar Farran, Sana Romanos and Roy Dib.

Seats are extremely limited for this performance that takes place on March 10 and March 11.
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Close to Here

Dib, Roy

Artist and filmmaker Roy Dib challenges notions of space and boundary, weaving together archival material, text and hypothetical circumstances to chronicle political narratives