Claire Tancons delivering the welcoming remarks at March Meeting, Sharjah Art Foundation, 2019. Photo: Sharjah Art Foundation

Evocation of Inheritance

Adrienne Edwards reflects on the mutual influence of blackness, as a framework for analytical discourse and performance and a theory of the body, specifically the way in which certain aesthetic operations allow for escape routes around issues of visibility, opacity and errancy that 2021 can be experienced in works across the Look for Me All Around You platform. Responding to Edwards’ reflections, and following suit, will be a sonic intervention by Jace Clayton from (2019) and a reading by Hannah Black from a text developed for Suntitled (2019)(with Ebba Fransén Waldhör).

Welcome Remarks by Claire

Adrienne Edwards

Jace Clayton

Hanna Black

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MM 2019: Evocation of Inheritance

Tancons, Claire

Claire Tancons is a curator and scholar invested in the discourse and practice of the postcolonial politics of production and exhibition.

MM 2019: Evocation of Inheritance

Edwards, Adrienne

Adrienne Edwards is a curator, scholar and writer whose work concerns visual, performance and cross-boundary art as well as histories, concepts, modes and methods of blackness.

MM 2019: Evocation of Inheritance

Clayton, Jace

Artist, writer and DJ Jace Clayton uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate how memory, sound and public space interact.

MM 2019: Evocation of Inheritance

Black, Hannah

Hannah Black is an artist and writer working across installation, video, performance and text.