Sharjah Art Foundation

March Meeting 2024: Tawashujat
1 – 3 March 2024

Khalid Bin Mohammed School, Al Manakh, Sharjah


La Revuelta is a collective representing a newer generation of diverse Guatemalan women who seek to create a community for women to forge their own radical and creative paths in the cultural, social and political sphere. With a focus on curatorship and cultural management, La Revuelta works towards shaping an intersectional and decentralised space for its practice and narratives.

In this discussion, La Revuelta members discuss their evolution as a collective and explore how art and activism can help to foreground women’s perspectives and issues. How can art challenge ossified societal norms and structures and enable the reclaiming and rewriting of feminist narratives, and in what ways can art unify women’s struggles?