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Talented and committed individuals are offered opportunities in different areas of work including curatorial, exhibition design and production, project and event coordination, education, research, design, editorial and publications, marketing, press, guest and public relations as well as administrative, IT and technical support.

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Working at SAF

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Education Team

The Education Team works closely with children and young adults of all abilities. Workshops, seminars, family days and tours are organised by the team to children and young adults from different schools and universities.

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Curatorial Team

The Curatorial Team organises annual exhibitions, events film and performances, and corresponds with curators, artists and local and international art institutions. Other than annual exhibitions, the team also researches and organises Sharjah Biennial projects and works closely with the biennial curators and artists.

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Development Team

The Development Team works with a range of institutional, cultural, government, community and corporate partners on the development and presentation of projects both locally and internationally. The team is also responsible for different government, foundation and corporate grants and other contributions to the foundation.

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Current Opportunities

Sharjah Art Foundation depends on a growing team of talented and committed individuals who are essential to the realisation of our initiatives and programmes.

Areas of work within the organisation include curatorial, exhibition design and production, project and event coordination, education, research, design, editorial and publications, marketing, press, guest and public relations as well as administrative, IT and technical support.

Current Opportunities:

1. Job title: Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator

• Support in managing all of the foundation’s social media handles in accordance with the overall marketing strategy
• Support the implementation and creation of all social media campaigns in line with the communications strategy and message of the foundation
• Support the community management of the foundation’s various social media platforms
• Support the development and creation of a social media strategy for various initiatives, projects and events implemented by the foundation
• Prepare and draft reports monitoring the performance of social media campaigns and audience engagement on various platforms
• Manage the day-to-day communication and working relationship with the foundation’s digital agency
• Coordinate and liaise with the design team to ensure a seamless implementation of social media and digital campaigns

Required knowledge and skills:

• Broad understanding of contemporary art and museum operations
• High level of concentration and attention to detail
• Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
• Methodical and well-organised approach to work

Minimum of 3–4 years running all aspects of social media and digital campaigns in a digital marketing agency or equivalent

Relevant degree in social media and digital marketing or equivalent
Fluency in English. Knowledge of academic and professional Arabic is a plus.

The ideal candidate should be based in the UAE.

2. Assistant Curator

Key responsibilities:

• Report to Team Head on a regular basis
• Monitor and maintain the project budget of exhibitions or projects assigned by Team Head (collectively “Exhibition”) by obtaining estimates, processing invoices, maintaining budget files (digital and physical), keeping expense reports while liaising with the Accounts Team and under supervision of Team Head
• Manage trainees, interns and other freelance employees
• Perform the role of main contact for Exhibition for external collaborators—including curators, artists, lenders, collaborators and professionals—and coordinate all follow-through of the Exhibition with external collaborators—including agreements, research, production, installation, communication and travel
• Research loans and administer loan requests, and coordinate with Operations to ensure the safe loan and exhibit of the work
• Write and/or edit, and collate interpretive texts in relation to the Exhibition—including exhibition introductions, work descriptions, biographies—in close conversation with curators and artists and under supervision of Team Head; communicate and coordinate with other teams in the Foundation for all published texts and images, on- and off-line
• Compile information for guidebook, wall label, wall text, website, Guide briefing kits and where applicable; maintain Exhibition checklist, loan list, guest list, and any other material or database pertaining to the realization and management of the Exhibition
• Coordinate with all other departments of the Foundation regarding Exhibition so that necessary information is shared in a timely and clear manner within the Foundation
• Assist in pairing Exhibitions with other projects of the Foundation—including Learning and Research, Film, Music, Performance and Collection
• Organise any necessary invited committees and/or advisory groups and coordinate with invited individuals as necessary
• Assist in touring Exhibitions to external institutions
• Coordinate with Comms on publicity and marketing angles and provide necessary material for press releases; do press interviews as necessary
• Coordinate with Hospitality and Guest Relations to host guests and make certain their needs are met; assist with private views and Exhibition tours as necessary; attend any relevant events (openings, VIP dinners, meetings, etc) where appropriate
• Represent SAF at public events, meetings and networking on behalf of SAF
• Maintain files and correspondence as well as archiving past Exhibition files
• Any other task that the Team Head deems necessary

Essential knowledge and skills:

Master’s degree in fine arts, humanities, or social studies with 5+ years of experience in related fields; OR Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, humanities, or social studies with 8+ years of experience in related fields

Working conditions:

• Working hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Before Sharjah Biennials and other major exhibitions and events, additional work may be required.


Bachelor or Master Degree or Equivalent Work Experience

Work Experience:

At least 4 years in the same field.

Please send your completed form along with and undated CV to

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