Artwork Details

  • Artist Fari Bradley and Christopher Weaver
  • Title A Model Studio Series: Print 3
  • Date 2014
  • Medium Screen printed drill cloth, acrylic paints
  • Dimensions 202 x 82 cm
A Model Studio Series: Print 3. Image


The screen prints are long, totemic wall hangings taken from the output of an Atari 2600 games console, that had been manually, physically modified by the artists. The Atari “glitches” formed the basis for a solo show of the artists' work, with a series of works using images from the same source – the Atari, including an artist's limited edition vinyl record and a recording studio now in the Maraya collection, as is one of the 4 banners. The banners are 2 of a series of 4, the only ones of their kind, in which the process of screen printing was used as a medium for creating sculpture, rather than adhering to conventional ideas of screen-printing itself. The prints trace a connection between computer coding and the codified patterns identified by the artists in traditional Emirati weave – Al Sadhu which they had researched extensively while on residency in the UAE. The frozen stream of coding, reified in the prints become a suggestion for a 'new musical language', a graphic score to be interpreted by trained and untrained performers. The banners are coding generated as geometry for sound.