Artwork Details

  • Artist Fumito Urabe
  • Title Arabian Peninsula
  • Date 2012
  • Medium Mineral pigment and glue on found paper
  • Dimensions 50.4 x 52.7 cm
Arabian Peninsula Image


The son of a monk, Fumito Urabe is interested in the interaction between Eastern philosophy and contemporary art. He collects found objects and uses them as the basis for installations and drawings. Human beings only own things momentarily. Land, objects, even their bodies do not belong to them forever. Urabe attempts to convey this truth through the objects he collects. The unheard voices of driftwood, stones, paper scraps and other discarded things lead him to create his work. Everything that exists in this world is always in a state of flux, and everyone and everything is connected. His work will leave his hands too and will be placed in the hands of others, eventually becoming ashes and dust.


Arabian Peninsula

Urabe, Fumito

Fumito works in sculpture, painting and installation, often inspired by objects that he finds.