Artwork Details

  • Artist Doug Henders
  • Title Heaven's Gate
  • Date 2009
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions 4 X 150 X 210 cm
  • Credit Commissioned and Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Heaven’s Gate Image


This work advances an idea of painting as an interactive medium able to channel Google searches, social networks and spiritual phenomena. Henders explores the metaphysics of propaganda in relation to self-martyrdom with particular reference to Heaven’s Gate, an American cult of the late 90’s which claimed the disappearance of its members was due to UFOs and the Taliban – both of which the artist sees as extremities of belief.


Heaven’s Gate

Henders, Doug

The Army experience can also be considered as the source of my cartographic ‘painting style’ which maps the ground between painting, photography and information. Doug Henders