Artwork Details

  • Artist Shahzia Sikander
  • Title Parallax
  • Date 2013
  • Medium 3-channel HD animation with sound
  • Duration 12 minutes
Parallax Image


Focusing on Sharjah’s location on the Strait of Hormuz, and the area’s historical power tensions, this animated video explores ideas of control and conflict. Drawings and paintings were used to construct the work, combining the handmade with the digital and lending old motifs and symbols a newly shifting identity. These elements come together to create dissonance and disruption as abstract, representational and written elements jostle for domination. Spheres made of hair spin and sing, and Christmas trees made of valves and spools spout, while fields of colour undulate and large swaths of static noise erupt. Human voices create tension and rhythm, intelligible words oscillating with environmental sounds.


Parallax, 2013

Shahzia Sikander
Parallax, 2013
3-channel HD animation with sound
12 minutes
Installation view
Sharjah Art Foundation Collection



Sikander, Shahzia

Shahzia Sikander’s practice creates an interpretive and critical dialogue with the history and provenance of Indo-Persian miniature painting.