Artwork Details

  • Artist Lala Rukh
  • Title Sand Drawings: 1-4
  • Date 2010
  • Medium Digital prints
  • Dimensions 40.64 x 54.61 cm
Sand Drawings: 1-4 Image


Lala Rukh’s art practice is intertwined with her lifelong commitments to teaching, activism and the classical music of South Asia, which span the past fifty years and include her founding and directing M.A. Honours in Visual Arts at Lahore’s National College of Arts; and co-founding The All Pakistan Music Conference (1960), Women’s Action Forum (1981) and
Vasl Artists’ Trust (2000).

In SB12, Lala Rukh presents five bodies of work from 1993 to 2010 that demonstrate her engagement with the sea and horizon as well as her attendant philosophical preoccupations with time, infinitude and nonexistence, one of which was Sand Drawings: 1-4 (2010).