Al Intithar, 2012

Mario Rizzi
Al Intithar (The Waiting), 2012
Digital video, colour
30 minutes
Arabic with English subtitles
Film still


Al Intithar (The Waiting) is the first part of the trilogy BAYT/House about the emergence of a new civil consciousness in the Arab world, which also looks at the social implications of the end of post-colonialism in these countries.

The short film Al Intithar presents itself as an excerpt; it records fragments of the life of Syrian refugees in Camp Zaatari, which lies seven kilometres to the south of the Syrian border in the Jordanian desert. The film’s protagonist is a widow from Homs whose husband was killed in an attack by the Syrian army. The film follows her life at the camp for seven weeks. Life’s rhythms are dictated by the place, and life is all about waiting.

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Al Intithar (The Waiting)

Rizzi, Mario

Rizzi’s photographs, films and video installations explore the impact of neo-liberal globalisation on individual lives through intimate, personal narratives.