Image Courtesy of Khadija Al Saeedi, 2018


Through a step-by-step approach, participants will learn the stages of character design and development in this workshop. By looking at different examples of character designs, from those in games to those in children’s books, and working with clay and sketches, participants will develop an understanding of body proportions, consistency, expression and movement of characters in a variety of situations. This workshop is for illustrators who want to use their skills to create their own original characters for animation, comics, children’s books, gaming, graphic design and theatre design.

About the instructor

Khadija Al Saeedi is an Omani cartoonist based in Abu Dhabi. She graduated from Cartoon Network Animation Academy and then went on to work as an animation studio artist for Cartoon Network Studios for four years. She is also the co-founder of Zompie Studio and runs the Artists Working podcast.


This workshop has reached full capacity.

For ages 16+

This event is free and open to the public.