Hunkaro, Mohit Takalkar. Photo: © Garv Sabharwal


Hunkaro, meaning ‘verbal affirmation’ in Marathi, refers to the art of listening, where the listener’s interest is conveyed to the storyteller through facial expressions, body language and utterances. 

In modern society, where listening to others is often replaced with the consumption of visual media, Hunkaro invites the audience to practise the precious gift of attention through active, participatory listening.  

The performance interweaves three stories of human trials and tribulations, tied together by the vital importance of hope and the impossibility of life without it. 

Using traditional singing and vocal techniques, the stories are narrated in different styles, languages and dialects by six professional actors playing the roles of storytellers.

In the absence of musical instruments, the performers emphasise the aesthetic value of language and the importance of the spoken word.