New Creation, Bruno Beltrao. Performance view.Image © Wonge Bergmann.

New Creation: 8th of January 8:30 pm Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (Duration 50 mins)


Choreographer Bruno Beltrão combines sophisticated stagecraft with contemporary dance and raw hip-hop, casting a spell over his audiences. Along with his company Grupo de Rua, he deconstructs hip hop and explores the vocabulary of street dance and contemporary dance. In this unnamed performance, we see high jumps, head-spins, somersaults, fast kicks and whirling turns: the dancers’ physical abilities are pushed to their limit in acts that portray and resist an increasingly violent and repressive political structure in Brazil.

Internationally recognised as a refreshing innovator of the hip hop scene, Beltrão pays close attention to the intense tremors emanating from the political realities of his homeland in order to translate them into extreme pulses of bodily energy, with an analytical understanding of music and space.

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