Show Me on the Map (2010)

Marie-Helene Cousineau
Show Me on the Map (still)
Digital video, colour, sound
55 minutes
Courtesy of Vtape


Aboriginal citizens in Canada voice their perspectives and concerns about the unprecedented mining industry development on Aboriginal lands.

Episode 1: A Changing World
On Baffin Island, approximately 300 kilometres north of the village of Igloolik, Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation is getting ready to mine one of the largest and purest iron deposits on the planet. Two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Igloolik residents express their worries about potential environmental and cultural damage from the project.

Episode 2: People Can Stand Up
The Nunavut government recently opened the way to uranium mining. The Inuit organisations of Nunavut now have shares in a company specialised in uranium mining operations near the village of Baker Lake. The future of Nunavut is considered in terms of nuclear energy.

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Show Me on the Map (2010)
Director: Marie-Helene Cousineau
Documentary | 55 minutes
Inuktut and English with Arabic subtitles

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