Spectra (Tasmania), 2013

Ryoji Ikeda
Spectra (Tasmania), 2013
Installation view
Photo courtesy of the Artist


Installation part of I Look To You And I See Nothing.

From 15 to 23 November 2013

Ryoji Ikeda sculpts with pure light. His monumental site-specific installation spectra came to Hobart after having been shown in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Nagoya and Buenos Aires. It is overwhelming and theatrical, yet ephemeral, with forty-nine powerful lights projecting thousands of metres upward into the sky. Visitors can walk through the lights at ground level, looking up at the clouds, listening to the waves of sound washing over them. Even though Ikeda’s cutting-edge digital technology is informed by mathematics of the utmost precision, every individual’s experience of this immersive work is entirely different.

Courtesy of Ryoji Ikeda and Koyanagi Gallery, Tokyo

Supported by Air France, Institut Français in the UAE and Shurooq

Artwork Images

Spectra (Tasmania)

Ryoji Ikeda

Installation view
Photo by Moulham Al Roumi

Spectra (Tasmania) Image


Spectra [Sharjah] by Ryoji Ikeda

Ikeda, Ryoji

Ryoji Ikeda is a electronic composer and visual artist, he focuses on the essential characteristics of sound and light through mathematical precision and aesthetics.