The Fall of the Standard of Beauty: The Iranian Nose (2019)
Director: Sahar Ghorishi
United Kingdom
Documentary | 11 minutes

English with Farsi subtitles

Set against a backdrop of Iranian traditional music, this two-part documentary presents interviews with young Iranians in the diaspora who are subjected to toxic Western beauty standards. The film ignites important dialogue on how the Iranian diasporic community can wield identical and insidious pressures while growing up in the West. Part 1 introduces the subjects, who share their thoughts and experiences of Western beauty standards. Part 2 continues the conversations, with a focus on the prevalence of plastic surgery and self-love. Director Ghorishi appears in the documentary and discusses her reasons for creating the film.

The film was created as part of Journey Of/To Dawn, a platform for Iranian creatives, and was featured as editorial content on Dazed Beauty.

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