Course description

Writing the Truth / Invention of Imagination
With Maya Abu Al Hayyat (Palestine Writing Workshop)
Ages 18+

Date: Friday, 1 March
Timings: 3:00 pm–7:00 pm
Location: Khalid Bin Mohammed School, Sharjah
Language: Arabic

How we articulate ourselves shapes both the meaning and reception of what we express. Writing offers diverse registers: we can use general or specific terms, theoretical or narrative modes, professional, formal language, or intimate, personal language. Despite differences in tonality or audience, a particular perspective will always be conveyed.

Writing can help us make sense of personal or collective crises. This workshop teaches participants to creatively render different forms of ‘truth’ derived from personal stories, testimonies and lived experience. It also weighs the role of recall and imagination in shaping these narratives, while highlighting various writing techniques and approaches relating to questions of voice and authorship.


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