Artworks by Claudette Johnson

Claudette Johnson, Standing Figure 2, 2021 (left); and Standing Figure 3, 2021 (right). Sharjah Art Foundation Collection. Photo: Andy Keate


Drawing Time is a research project that explores the expansive range and possibilities of drawing as a historical artistic practice.

Evolving from a close examination of new and historical objects in the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection, the research-based project has assembled artworks on mediums such as paper, wood, sound and video that are examined in relation to contemporary drawing practices deeply rooted in centuries of Afro-Asian and Pacific history. Through choreographed juxtapositions, the works reflect the purpose of line, movement, performance and gesture across multiple forms of media.

Growing out of this research project, the exhibition Drawing Time: Duets delves into the concept of the double, the pair, the rejoinder. Acts of repetition accumulate through a curated scenography, in which artistic duets—duos who dance and sing together, who, through the right dissonance or imperfect resonance, find themselves in a state of harmony—guide visitors across a century in time.

On view are works by 15 intergenerational artists, who conjure maps of colour and texture across pigment and paper, lines and marks on skin and screen, revealed through both animated and restrained movement, gestures that present a composite picture of what drawing is and could be.

Artists: Baya, Mounir Canaan, Kimathi Donkor, Theaster Gates, Helen Khal, Amal Kenawy, Omer Khairy (George Edward), David Kolane, Kamala Ibrahim Ishag, Farideh Lashai, Ibrahim Massouda, Eduard Puterbrot, Claudette Johnson, Hassan Sharif and Ibrahim El-Salahi

Drawing Time: Duets is curated by Dr Omar Kholeif, Director of Collections and Senior Curator, with Souraya Kreidieh, Senior Collections Researcher and Spatial Designer, and Khalid Jauffer, Curatorial Assistant, Sharjah Art Foundation.