non-human-assembly, 2018

Ayman Zedani
 non-human-assembly, 2018
Biofilms, community of bacteria and yeasts, lavender, roselle, melissa, chamomile, coffee husk, chaste tree, tea, mixed flowers, red rose and black cardamom, dimensions variable
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation
Courtesy of the artist


Gallery 2 and Bait Hussein Makrani, Al Mureijah Square
Ceramics House and Dar Al Nadwa, Calligraphy Square

The March Project 2018 exhibition will feature commissioned works developed during Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual seven-month educational residency programme. In its fifth edition, this year’s exhibition will include video works, photography, sculpture and installations, on view in foundation spaces across Al Mureijah Square, Calligraphy Square and Arts Square. The artists explore issues of urban development and their impact on material and non-material culture as well as sociopolitical and historical narratives and possibilities in the region.

Participants in March Project 2018 are Shaikha Al Mazrou, Lêna Bùi, Baris Dogrusöz, Hind Mezaina & Tulip Hazbar and Ayman Zedani.

March Project is an educational residency programme that provides opportunities for young artists to research, realise and present site-specific works through a series of site visits and discussion sessions over a seven-month period. Participants in this programme are chosen from the Gulf and abroad.