Najmeh Kazazi, 2021

Maryam Firuzi
Najmeh Kazazi
From ‘Scattered memories of a distorted future’, 2021
Digital print; 42 x 31.5 cm. Courtesy of the artist


Vantage Point Sharjah (VPS) is an annual exhibition that supports photographers from the region and around the world. Introduced in 2013 to cultivate public engagement with photography as an artistic medium, VPS has evolved into a dynamic platform that embraces multiple approaches to photography, from photojournalism and photo essays to experimental work in both analogue and digital forms.

The open call for VPS 10 invited works that celebrate photography's ability to perceive social realities and the diversity of contemporary lives through different perspectives and forms of visual storytelling. Works by 66 artists from around the globe, selected from more than 450 applications, are being shown in the exhibition. Bringing together many voices and lived experiences, the exhibition manifests the spirit of experimentation in lens-based image making today.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Vantage Point Photography Award is presented to five of the selected photographers to encourage their practice. This year’s international jury, consisting of Solmaz Daryani, Lamya Gargash and Sohrab Hura, all practising photographers, decided on the awardees through a round-table discussion. One winner and four runners-up will receive a cash prize of USD 5,000 and USD 1,500, respectively.

The exhibition runs from 16 September to 11 December 2022 at Al Hamriyah Studios.

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Isik Kaya, Untitled III, 2020. From ‘Second Nature’. Digital print; 30 x 21 cm

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Khadija El Abyad, Untitled, 2020. From ‘Défilé de l'intime’. Digital print; 88 x 58 cm


Reyad Abedin, In Search of Lost Tune IV, 2020. From ‘In Search of Lost Tune’. Digital print; 42 x 30 cm


Devashish Gaur, A Balancing Act, 2019. From ‘This Is the Closest We Will Get’. Digital print; 40 x 49.9 cm

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