Along with announcements of our year-round open calls and grants, which support emerging and established artists working in contemporary art, Sharjah Art Foundation has compiled a list of reputable local, regional and international open calls, educational opportunities, grants and residencies in other institutions. In keeping with the Foundation’s commitment to supporting the art community, this reference tool is updated on a regular basis.

Open Call: Jaipur Art Week 4.0
Jaipur Art Week
Deadline: 5 June 2024

Artists inspired by, based in or having connections to the Public Arts Trust of India’s home state, Rajasthan, are welcome to apply for this open call.

There are no specific mediums or criteria. Selected artists will be given the opportunity to showcase their work in a group exhibition or as solo interventions across partner venues throughout Jaipur.


Call For Submissions: The Futurities Issue
Mizna, Saint Paul, USA
Deadline: 30 June 2024

Mizna is a SWANA-run and -focused literary journal. This call is open to writing of all forms.

This issue asks: What dreams and tomorrows can we imagine that grapple with the urgencies of today? What forms of writing can intervene in the projections of unending trauma and destitution seemingly prescribed for the SWANA region and beyond—those narratives that compel us to assume a predetermined future? How can we, by writing imagined alternatives, reject the catastrophes we are condemned to and disrupt the systems of oppression that rely on deliverable forecasts of violence, dispossession and immiseration?


AFAC Cinema Program
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Beirut
Deadline: 14 June 2024

AFAC's Cinema Program supports feature and short-length fiction films in the Arab region. For feature-length films, the cinema programme provides up to 10,000 USD in development grants, up to USD 50,000 in production grants and up to 25,000 USD in post-production grants. For short and medium-length films, the programme provides up to 20,000 USD in production grants and up to 10,000 USD in post-production grants.


AFAC Music Program
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Beirut
Deadline: 14 June 2024

AFAC’s music grant supports music production, performances, collaborations, album recordings, music-related podcasts and festivals. The music grant programme provides annual grants of up to 25,000 USD for individuals and teams, and up to 35,000 USD for collectives and institutions.


AFAC Training and Regional Events Grant
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Beirut
Deadline: 14 June 2024

AFAC’s Training and Regional Events grant supports training and workshops in different cultural and artistic fields, archive and documentation platforms, in addition to residencies, symposiums, forums and festivals (multidisciplinary, music, film, performing arts, visual arts and literature).

The Training and Regional Events grant provides annual grants of up to 25,000 USD for individuals and teams, and up to 35,000 USD for collectives and institutions.


Orbitals Open Call
Mophradat, Brussels
Deadline: 15 June 2024

Orbitals is a programme that takes four curators and arts researchers to an international location to learn about a different artistic context in the Global South and share this knowledge with their communities. During the eight-day guided research trip, the participants, along with members of Mophradat’s team, meet and share experiences with peers from the art scenes they are visiting. This year’s edition will take place in Indonesia and is open to applicants who are from or living in the Arab world.


Research Grant
Alserkal Arts Foundation, Dubai
Deadline: 1 September 2024

The Research Grant awards individuals and collectives amounts of 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD in funding for projects to be completed over two years. The programme will award three grants for the 2025–2027 cycle.

The Alserkal Arts Foundation seeks applications that demonstrate an interest in pursuing intersectional and experimental approaches to research. The award welcomes applications from practices that have been impacted by or are attentive to the violence and polarisation that we are witnessing today. Grant awardees may include multidisciplinary visual and sonic artists, architects, writers, independent publishers, documentary filmmakers, educators, geographers, historians, economists and more.


The Art Circle Award 2024
The Art Circle, Abu Dhabi
Deadline: 15 September 2024

The mission of this award is to support the local art scene and offer a platform to highlight talented artists through a physical exhibition presenting the top finalists and offering a financial award to the winner. All finalists will receive a certificate of participation and social media coverage.

The Art Circle Award is by medium a painting and mixed media competition and each year holds a thematic to which the artists open call responds to. The open call invites artists to respond to their view of a map, maps or mapping, and how they see the world from their perspectives.
Open to nationals and residents of the United Arab Emirates, over the age of 18.


The information shared here has been sourced from the online platforms of the listed institutions.