One of the best known members of the griot families in Mauritania, Dimi Mint Abba’s place in music and storytelling preceded her by three generations.

From the nest of artistry arose her profound perspective, and her life cannot be separated from the music and stories that carry it. This brought Dimi Mint Abba to international fame with the 1977 award-winning song Sawt Elfan, in which she boldly decries that the role of the artist in society is far greater than that of any warrior.

Dimi released her first internationally-acclaimed album with her family in 1990 and has performed around the world. Through out her life she remained the most sought-after griot in Mauritania, performing at ceremonies of all kinds. For many, the significance of an event was measured by the presence of this powerful, inspiring artist.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 10