Photo: Ronggon Mj


Reyad Abedin's work draws upon a strong understanding of his surroundings and his reflections on the human relationship with nature, the environment and the landscape. Exhibited are works from two series, ‘The Name of my City is Dust, Smoke and Life’ and ‘In Search of Lost Tune’. Abedin captures human interactions with nature and how interventions or radical changes in the environment can have devastating results that endanger the human race. These photographs capture Dhaka, a city undergoing significant, yet ill-planned infrastructural changes, undertaken without consideration for their ecological impact. Through these images, the artist sheds light on the influence of society, culture and politics on human life and how environmental and manmade disasters and personal needs compel people to leave their homes. The photographs capture two events: the 1946 Noakhali Riots that precipitated a disastrous forced displacement; and the naturally occurring erosion of the Meghna River Estuary, which displaces thousands of people every year.
Abedin’s work is recognised by international organisations and magazines, including the International Center for Photography, New York; Sony World Photography Organisation, London; The Ian Parry Scholarship, UK; Format Festival, UK; and The Sunday Times Magazine, UK.

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