FUGERE (A Series of Olympiadic Moments), 2009

Haig Aivazian
FUGERE (A Series of Olympiadic Moments), 2009
Mixed Media Installation
Dimensions variable
Detail view
Commissioned and produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


Haig Aivazian received his BFA from Concordia University in Design and Studio Art, and an MFA from Northwestern University. Aivazian's work has been investigating the intersections between the migration of people, the circulation of consumer goods and the propagation of ideologies.

Aivazian has been involved in a number of curatorial initiatives such as Roads Were Open / Roads Were Closed (2008) at The Third Line gallery in Dubai, and most recently, he has been appointed Associate Curator of the 10th edition of the Sharjah Biennial (2011). He has shown his work in France, Canada, the UAE and the United States and the first installment of his ongoing project entitled FUGERE (A Series of Olympiadic Events) was commissioned and exhibited in the 9th edition of the Sharjah Biennial (2009). Aivazian has written for a number of websites and publications including Bidoun, FUSE, AdBusters, AMCA and the Arab Studies Journal.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 9