Nadine Attallah is an art historian whose research focuses on the exhibitions of women artists from Egypt during Nasser’s time. She has collaborated with various art institutions and galleries in Europe and Lebanon. She is one member of seven that make up Madrassa Collective. Envisioning exhibition making as a research and critical endeavour, Madrassa Collective aims at experimenting and investigating collective practices and transborder collaborations as a means to resist and confront the difficulties of art making in the Middle East and Africa. The collective has roots in Morocco, Cameroon, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt.

Through exhibitions, research and mapping exercises, the collective endeavours to alter the dominant ‘Euro-American-centrism’ in modern and contemporary art thinking and writing, and rethink socially engaged practices in art by focusing on processes of institution building and their normative configurations.

Madrassa Collective was created in October 2015 during Madrassa, a programme of residencies, meetings and trainings in contemporary curatorial practices in Casablanca run by l’Atelier de l’Observatoire (art and research).