Lina Attalah is a journalist, whose work has appeared in both Egyptian and international press outlets. Her work focuses on current affairs, technology and history.

Attalah is the co-founder and publisher of Mada Masr, a Cairo-based news website. Before that, she was the chief editor of Egypt Independent, a flagship media voice in Egypt. In 2005, she worked in Darfur, Sudan to cover the conflict there for the BBC World Service Trust. Throughout the past six years, she has gone on assignment to cover the armed revolution in Syria in 2011 for Egypt Independent and the presidential elections in Iran in 2013 for The Guardian.

On the fringes of journalism, she has produced work through different research and art practices surrounding the themes of technology, migration and intellectual history. She is the co-founder of the art collective Take to the Sea, whose latest work was shown at Berlinale 2017. She has been on the boards of different cultural organisations, including the Arab Digital Expression Foundation, Cairo; Mushtarak tech hub, Cairo and Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo. She is also a research fellow at the Access to Knowledge for Development Center, American University in Cairo.