Dr. Yousif Aydabi is a poet, playwright, film critic and academic. He is currently the Cultural Advisor at the Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre for Gulf Studies and Advisor to the Arab Theater Authority in Sharjah.

He is the author of many theatrical, critical and literary publications, and has co-authored and edited several books, including Assyra Almasrahya (The Theatrical History) (Department of Culture, Sharjah, 2016); Ammar Al-Rouh (Writings on the Culture in Sharjah) (Department of Culture, Sharjah, 2015); Zakerat Alayam (Memory of Days) (Department of Culture, Sharjah, 2004); Jadal Arrahen waltarikh (Controversy of the Present and History) (Department of Culture, Sharjah, 2002); Alasfoura walmomathehlon (The Bird and the Actors) (1971) which participated in the Arab Youth Festival in Algeria in 1972.

Dr Aydabi is co-founder of the Algaba walsahraa (Forest and Desert) cultural movement in Sudan and founder of Masrah Amom Alsudan (Theater for all Sudanese People) which celebrates the pluralism and cultural diversity in Sudan. He has previously worked as Dean of the Institute of Music and Theater in Khartoum and a professor at universities in Sudan, Romania and the UAE.

He has won several awards, including recognition and honour at the 15th edition of the Damascus Festival for Theatrical Arts (2012); Culture and Media Pioneers award by the Taryam Omran Foundation for Cultural and Humanitarian Works, UAE (2010); and The Key of the City of Sharjah award presented by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi at the Sharjah International Book Fair (2009).

Dr Aydabi graduated with a specialisation in comparative theatre and film studies in Sudan. He holds a PhD in Theater History and Theory (Comparative Studies), University of Bucharest (1979).

Born in 1947 in Sudan, he lives and works in Sharjah.

SAF participation:
Sharjah Biennial 12
March Meeting 2012

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