Seloua Luste Boulbina is a philosopher and theorist of decolonisation who is interested in the political, intellectual and artistic dimensions of colonialism and postcolonialism.

She is the author of L’Afrique et ses fantômes: Écrire l’après [Africa and its ghosts: Writing what comes next] (2015), Les Arabes peuvent-ils parler? [Can the Arabs speak?] (2011), Le Singe de Kafka et autres propos sur la colonie [Kafka’s monkey and other remarks on the colony] (2008) and Grands Travaux à Paris [Great works in Paris] (2007). She has also edited a number of works, including Ici et Maintenant: Dix penseurs africains par eux-mêmes [Here and now: Ten African thinkers in their own words] (2016), Décoloniser les savoirs [Decolonising knowledge] (2012), Révolutions arabes: rêves, révoltes, révolutions [Arab revolutions: dreams, revolts and revolutions] (2011) and Réflexions sur la postcolonie [Reflections on postcolonialism] (2007). She has also written about visual artists and collaborated on numerous exhibition catalogues.

She holds a postgraduate agrégation in philosophy and a doctorate in political science. She is the former programme director at the Collège International de Philosophie, Paris and a postgraduate research supervisor (HDR) at the Université Diderot Paris 7.

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