Emile Fallaux has worked as a television and documentary producer/director and an advisor to writers, directors, producers and cultural institutions on policy issues. He is a board member at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and chairman of HOLY (new media, animation). He previously served as chairman of the Netherlands Film Festival (2014–2018), chairman of the Submarine Channel (1996–2007) and a founding board member of the Netherlands Film Fund (1993). He has been a member of various national and international film juries and served on the boards of a variety of other institutions, including the Prince Claus Fund, Holland Festival and journalism organisations.

He directed the play Mengelberg and Mahler, Shakespeare & Company, Berkshire Fine Arts, North Adams, US (2010) and the feature film Liefje (2000). He also co-curated the exhibition The Arts for Television, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1987). He has published many articles in Dutch newspapers and magazines and was the editor-in-chief of the weekly Vrij Nederland (2005–2009).

Among his numerous awards are the Silver Nipkov Award for his documentary series from Irkutsk, USSR (1991) and the L. J. Jordaan Award from the city of Amsterdam for innovative television (1986).

He studied theatre in Amsterdam (1963–1966) and also briefly pursued philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (1972–1974).

Born in 1944 in Leiden, the Netherlands, Fallaux currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

SAF participation:
Sharjah Film Platform Talks (December 2019)

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Fallaux, Emile

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