Photo: Kuba Ryniewicz


Devashish Gaur’s photo series ‘This Is the Closest We Will Get’ was inspired by his late grandfather, a man the photographer never met but whose habits and interests he’s often told he shares. Having heard his father’s tales of the man (freedom fighter, teacher, radio DJ, photographer and poet), Gaur set out to reconstruct his life by scavenging through family archives and photographs.
This journey of discovery compelled Gaur to explore his relationship with his father, from whom he feels very distant despite their long-shared physical proximity. The only true family heirlooms, he decided, are memories and intergenerational traumas, such as the constant silencing of voices, ideas, institutionalised oppression and rampant nationalism. Gaur feels his grandfather’s presence while photographing his domestic space and reflecting on the family archive. His mystery lingers, but the uncertainty of his grandfather’s true identity allows him to live on, preserved in the in-between moments of conflict and negotiation between Gaur and his father in their shared space.
Devashish Gaur’s work ranges from photography to narrative. His interdisciplinary practice explores photo archives, topics of domesticity, distance, intimacy, found objects, home and identity. Gaur holds a degree in Journalism and Communication from the Indraprastha University, Delhi (2018). His work has been exhibited at the Palm Photo Prize, UK (2021), Photo Vogue Festival (2020) and Der Greif Guest-Room (2019).

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