Hana Makki is a filmmaker of Saudi Arabian, Yemeni and British decent, who grew up in Sana’a, Abu Dhabi and Sheffield, and studied Literature at Goldsmiths College in London. Hana has worked on all aspects of filmmaking, and began her career under the mentorship and guidance of award winning Yemeni filmmaker Bader Ben Hirsi. Hana’s various production roles took her to work in the UK, Germany, France and Yemen, all with a concentration on the Arab world. Hana settled in Abu Dhabi, and produced and directed As One: The Autism Project (2014), which was Hana’s first project with Image Nation Abu Dhabi, a leading media and entertainment company in the region. Currently Hana is Head of the Documentary Department at Image Nation Abu Dhabi, where she and her team have created an impressive documentary film slate including Batoula (2015), The Lights of Rome (2016), Back to the Wild (2018), the landmark television series History of the Emirates (2019), going world-wide on National Geographic, and soon to be released Saruq Al Hadid. In her personal time, Hana remains committed to creative works, and produced Unlocking Doors of Cinema in 2019, a documentary celebrating 50 years work of the Syrian Auteur Mohamed Malas.
Makki currently lives and works in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

SAF Participation:
Sharjah Film Platform 4 (2021)

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Hana Makki

SFP4 Talks and Workshops

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Hana Makki

Sharjah Film Platform 4

Sharjah Film Platform is an annual festival organised by Sharjah Art Foundation to support the growing film scene in the UAE by celebrating and sustaining the work of local, regional and international filmmakers.

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