Peace is Not What You Believe, 2012—2013

Peace is Not What You Believe, 2012—2013
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Co-commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation, Hamza Serafi and Philippe Lauro-Baranès


Khalid Içame
1979, Marrakech

Abderrazzak Akhoullil
1979, Marrakech

Aniko Boehler
1961, Bizerte, Tunisia

Brigitte Perkins
1949, Caen, France

Kamarstudios was founded by composer Khalid Içame (aka Z-tröz) and producer Philippe Lauro-Baranès.

Marrakech has long been a crossroads for different visions of mysticism and spirituality, and a place where Africa meets the Arab world. This has created a city of plurality, tolerance and openness, but also secrecy and intimacy.

Marrakech is different from anywhere else in the world, and the city deeply feels its singularity. The new work born from experimentation at Kamarstudios is rooted in this rich archaeology of languages, cultures, races and a vision of infinity.

Kammarstudios was part of Sharjah Biennial 11



Peace is Not What You Believe

The music in Peace is Not What You Believe is intended to create sensory and spatial effects that, in turn, may lead to the creative resurgence of memory and new imaginings.