Selected solo and group exhibitions include Venice Biennale (2013); New Museum Triannial (2012); What should I do to live in your life?, Sharjah Art Foundation (2012); Henry, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada (2011); No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, London (2010); Popping Up, Hong Kong Art Centre (2010); Hands, MiArt, Milan (2009); 1 Degree of Separation, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK (2009); Charming Experience, Hong Kong Museum of Art (2009) and Hong Kong Biennial (2005, 2003, 2001).

Lee Kit was born in 1978 in Hong Kong, China and he currently lives and works in Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan. He received a BFA in 2003 and an MFA in 2006 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 12


Kit, Lee

Is it always there?

In his practice, Lee Kit works with everyday materials such as fabric or cardboard to address ordinary daily rituals and the uses we give them.