Lecture and Sweet tasting, 2009

Shinichiro Ogata
Lecture and Sweet tasting, 2009
Installation view
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


As well as interior design, Simplicity also creates product, graphic, and package design. Shinichiro Ogata started Simplicity to create a new type of modern Japanese culture and lifestyle through a broad range of design activities spanning architecture to cuisine. In 1998, he opened first Japanese restaurant, Higashiyama Tokyo designing everything from the architecture to tableware. In 2003, he moved into product design selling a small selection of handmade living-ware under his own label SSS (Simplicity Super Studio). Between 2003 and 2007, Ogata opened three more sweet shops, Higashiya, Ori Higashiya, and Higashiya man in central Tokyo, aiming to introduce the delights of traditional Japanese sweets to the modern Japanese citizen. This concept of adapting the traditional in order to keep it relevant to the contemporary was embodied in the sweet tasting project Ogata presented at Past of the Coming Days.

November 2010

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 9


Ogata, Shinichiro

Lecture and Sweet tasting

One of Japan’s most innovative contemporary designers and restaurateur, Shinichiro Ogata’s lecture explores the connections between design and sweet making.