Silence spins, 2012

Seigen Ono, Ryuichi Sakamato and Shiro Takatani
Silence spins, 2012
Aural Sonic panels, Shizuka Stillness panels, cloth and parametric loudspeakers
235 x 190 x 190 cm
Installation view
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation


Seigen Ono has worked with numerous renowned artists, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sadao Watanabe, Manhattan Transfer, Joe Jackson, Arto Lindsay and John Zorn. As a composer, his albums include Olive Tree for Peace (2008), Maria and Maria (2000), Bar del Mattatoio (1994) and Comme des Garçons Seigen Ono (1987).

Ono has performed in a number of European jazz festivals, appearing multiple times at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland. He has also worked with theatre and dance companies, including Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and Compagnie DCA.

This person is part of Sharjah Biennial 11


Ono, Seigen

Silence Spins

The installation Silence Spins is an infinite aural tearoom, seemingly without walls. This is accomplished by building walls that do not reflect sound – or at least, do so at a barely perceptible level.