Sadia Pasha Kamran’s work examines the contemporary art of Pakistan within its socio-political as well as historical context, and traces the development of the same as it transforms from traditional to modern in contemporary practices. She is a Professor, and the Coordinator of School of Art, at the Institute of Art & Culture in Lahore.

Her curatorial projects include Hot Mess, IAC Gallery, Lahore (2020); IAC Research Initiatives, IAC Gallery (2020); The Eighth Garden, Episode 2, Lahore Biennial 02 (2020); Kashmir: The Thread that Connects Us, IAC Gallery (2019); The Eighth Garden, Islamabad Art Festival (2019); and the IAC Faculty Show (2019).

She has contributed to several publications, including, The Story of Art in Pakistan: The Saga of Decolonization (Arts Management Quarterly, Postcolonial Cultural Management, No.135, 2020); The Eighth Garden (IAC Research & Publication Cell, 2020); Women, Art & Politics: Rethinking Feminism through Feminist Art in Pakistan (PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences, 2019); Tracing the notions of Modernity in Pakistani Art: The case of Shakir Ali (UCA-PNCA, 2016); Popular Culture and Political Cynicism in Pakistan (THAAP: People’s history of Pakistan, 2016); and Looking Beyond the Canon: Localized and Globalized Perspectives in Art History Pedagogy (Art History Pedagogy and Practice, 2016).

Kamran has received numerous awards, including the Getty Research Award (2015); Talent Scholarship, Prime Minister Youth Program (2014); President’s Award for Young Artist, Science Foundation Islamabad (1994); and National Intelligence Award in Fine Arts (1991).

She earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree from the National College of Arts, Lahore (1995) and
an M Phil and PhD in Art History from the College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore (2012 and 2018 respectively).

Born in 1973 in Multan, she currently lives and works in Lahore.

SAF participation:
March Meeting 2021

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