Sara Abdulla adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, encompassing design, architecture, business and education, in all her projects. She holds a BA in Architecture and an MA in Commercial and Construction Project Management from the University of Manchester. After working in private architectural practices and the real estate development sector, Abdulla co-founded Dust for Experience Design—a design studio specialising in injecting soul into spaces, concepts and brands through experience and spatial design. Co-founder of the collective in narrative, she is the Bahraini representative for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Gulf Chapter. Abdulla actively promotes architecture as an inclusive discipline by creating collaborative spaces, reviving historic and cultural buildings, designing experiences, workshops and events. Abdulla is also the co-founder of Qirtas Shop, a homegrown stationery brand, and the Development Manager/Higher Education Consultant at AlMawred Education, a higher education consultancy in Bahrain.

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Abdulla, Sara

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