The Goodness Regime, 2013

Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle
The Goodness Regime, 2013
Colour HD video projection with sound
30 minutes
Supported by Sharjah Art Foundation
Office of Contemporary Art Norway, Norwegian Arts Council, Norsk Fotografisk Fond, Billedjunstnernes Vederlagsfond
Installation view


Concerned with the phantasmagoria of history, gender politics and the disputed position of knowledge production within the arts, Sille Storihle’s collaborative investigations seek to complicate seemingly smooth narratives of collectivity in the past and present.

With artist Liv Bugge, she runs FRANK, a salon to build community, show contemporary art and generate discussions addressing hegemonic structures in society relating to gender, sexuality and desire. Her exhibitions in 2013 include a joint show with Jumana Manna at Kunsthall Oslo and Reform, co-organised by Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden; Bergen Kunsthall, Norway and public, Frederiksberg, Denmark.

This person is part of Sharjah Biennial 11


Storihle, Sille

The Goodness Regime

The Goodness Regime is a creative documentary exploring the image of Norway as a country of peace and benevolence.