Yasmine Terki is an architect of historical sites and monuments and a specialist in earthen architecture and sustainable development.

She has been the director of the Algerian Centre for the Conservation of Earthen Architecture (Centre Algérien du Patrimoine Culturel Bâti en Terre, CAPTERRE) since 2012, which is charged with developing strategies for rehabilitating the image of earthen architecture in Algeria. She also presided over the establishment of Archi’Terre, an international cultural festival for the promotion of earthen architecture. She has served as the organisation’s commissioner since its inception in 2013.

Along with the annual festival, she has conceived and organised several additional independent international events dedicated to the promotion of earthen architecture, including the exhibitions Terres, d’Afrique et d’ailleurs [Lands, of Africa and elsewhere], at the Second Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers (2009) and De Terre et d’Argile [Of Earth and Clay], Algiers (2012) and Tlemcen, Capital of Islamic Culture (2011).

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