Fawwaz Traboulsi has been a visiting professor at New York University; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Columbia University, New York and Vienna University. He is a fellow at St. Antony’s College, Oxford and at Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin. His work has addressed the history, politics, liberation and social movements, political philosophy, memoirs, folklore and art in the Arab World. Traboulsi’s recent books include Social Classes and Political Power in Lebanon (2014), Hareer wa Hadeed, Min Jabal Lubnan ila Qanat al-Suweiss [Silk and Iron, From Mount Lebanon to the Suez Canal] (2013), Al-Dimuqratiyyah Thawra [Democracy is Revolution] (2012) and A History of Modern Lebanon (2007). He has translated Edward Said’s On Late Style (2014), Out of Place: A Memoir (2003) and Humanism and Democratic Criticism (2000).