80 Miles to Atlantis (2020)

Imane Djamil
80 Miles to Atlantis
Wallpaper, inkjet print on photo paper
Various dimensions
Courtesy of the artist


Imane Djamil’s multidisciplinary practice examines the transformation of space by humans. Engaging viewers in photojournalistic projects imbued with the style of docudramas, her works straddle the realistic and phantasmagoric. The photographic series 80 Miles to Atlantis (2020) is set in the Saharan city of Tarfaya in Morocco, not far from the putative location of the mythical city of Atlantis. Paralleling the Platonic myth of impending destruction, Djamil’s work references the contemporary degradation of Tarfaya’s coastline due to ongoing desertification. The series invokes a city that—as a result of the hubris that drives climate change—risks a similar fate to that of Plato’s allegorical island.