A Haunting (2021–2023)

Tracey Moffatt
A Haunting
Single-channel video
1 minute 37 seconds (looped)
Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney


Tracey Moffatt’s visual style draws attention to the fractures lurking beneath societal facades and the violent, enduring legacy of Australian colonialism. The video installation A Haunting (2021–2023) reveals a small dark farmhouse emitting a sinister red glow that bleeds out from every door and window. The ominous 1920s home sits on the confiscated lands of the Wailwan peoples, radiating the dark and bloody history of the area’s colonial settlement, Indigenous resistances and eventual rural flight to urban centres. To be viewed at night, preferably from a distance, the installation embodies the trauma witnessed by the land and its inhabitants.