Sidang Rakyat (people's Forum), 2002

Ahmad Shukri
Sidang Rakyat (people's Forum), 2002
Plaster, Plywood, Fabric and Pillow
Installation view


Sidang Rakyat literally means 'people's hail', which functions as a place or centre for the community in expressing problems, concerns, necessities, etc., to the authority. There are people in charge chosen on behalf of the community by the government. A few misuse the trust given, as power and wealth is a more alluring prospect.

In Sidang Rakyat, those issues are shown dramatically. The boxing glove vertically placed signifies wealth and power and the table covered with Indian and Chinese silk represents the community's cultures in Malaysia. The table, low in height, addresses the community as pictured in the "people's hails".

Each individual, family or even nation has their own objective in life as desired, whether material or spiritual. However, not every dream comes true.

In the Incubator series, the method of installation is contrasted in two tones of black and white, to represent the classic division of good and evil, whilst the egg is present as a symbol of our new generation.

In the end, human beings can only dream as the act of God's will.

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