Give Peace a Chance, 2001

Alberto Licandro
Give Peace a Chance, 2001
Oil on canvas


Alberto: "If I think about life and colours I get the same strong enthusiasm, but I like to be more precise, life is an energy that we have since we were born and, if we are sensitive enough, we will use it to enjoy lots of positive feelings and lots of memorable events around us independently by the fact of where we are and what we do. At the same high level, I like to relate colours to energy. Colours represent a very important, if not essential, role in our life, even though sometimes we don't pay attention to them they still make us aware of the differences between various forms of life and different materials. Typically and unconsciously we perceive colours and we associate them to what we have experienced In past in situations with them. This begins in childhood where we start to look principally at nature and to understand it. But we have to experience the present and every time we fix upon a colour we look at it as it were the first time. If we continue to look at it pleasant associations and fantasies arise though our imagination. Perhaps even to the extent that we convince ourselse of the reality of the fantasy. The significant factor is that all of this is the essence of our emotions towards life, the energy, mostly a certain kind of mental energy, but not only limited to an Intellectual energy because it would be a bit too mono-thematic, but, in the larger sense, it is the spontaneous and creative energy we got from life by being part of the living system. When I work r belong to another world, the world I just mentioned with its spectrum of possibilities. When I belong to the other world my energy increases, my knowledge of life reaches its apogee, and the relation between me and the material I use for my work becomes a maternal bond. Not every work I make gives me the same satisfaction. Sometimes I create a new piece and I find difficult to enter into the would of energy and colours. It requires quite a deep concentration to immerse yourself completely into this fantastic world. Distancing yourself from the everyday world IS also important to find the right balance inside us. This requires a tenacious initial concentration because the creative world is simultaneously delicate and deep. To estrange yourself from the common and real would would be a misunderstanding about life, and would result in creating an abstract world which it would have nothing to do with real things. This is the main reason why I often use the traditional materials to do my work. I want to keep the important link with the most popular and traditional technique to communicate visually my Interpretation of life. As I explained earlier, life is an energy and colours have the same importance as life. We don't have to think that experimenting using non-traditional materials, maybe the strangest ones or pretending to create using the countless possibilities in the latest software is inherently important. All of that would be an ending; to an endless experimental research, with little meaning and little life. Human research doesn't have to be oriented in a shocking way to express thoughts either, but a simple search for a significance, if significance has to exist in our life, reveals the greatest significance through the significance of existence; to live, and to use our energy and the strong influence colours have on us. Perhaps an artist, or better, a creator of significance has to decide in which way to operate, whether to do it with music, poetry, or other expressions. But in the end everyone is free to choose whatever they like. I have chosen the energy by which I look at life in its variety of forms in any place in the world. I always find it, regardless if I am in the centre of the biggest city in the world or in the middle of a desert. Maybe it is inside me, so I am sometimes able to feel It and to experience it; this gives me life, and I would like you to experience the same feelings looking at my work."

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