Alone, 2001

Daniel Aulagnier
Alone, 2001
Installation Paper


Alone "The concept of this series is the continuation of the fundamental component of my work on the different systems of domination. It is developed through the schematic drawings of more or less defined everyday figures that intrinsically contain - or may contain - the symbols of confinement. In this work, the drawings are an identifying representations of the objects/containers that we have encounter on a regular basis but they are also the allegory of the mechanistic principles of my previous pursuits. They are simple line-drawings whose structures aim at a common deciphering. They are somewhat like the stereotypes of a visual code meant for a world of intense communication."

"Those enclosed or about to be enclosed constructions actually represent the not-quite-synchronic reproduction of true functionality, in order to act as mental machines. They no longer picture the receptacles of materiality but simply show the inner void they create, or are about to create as an interval of reflection thus they turn into the evocation of objects of thoughts.

With that void as a starting point - that 'nothing' yet whole at the same time - one can imagine that the drawings may conceal ambiguous and contrary ambiences, thus offering two opposite interpretations. It leads either to the drama of involuntary confinement in which graphics play the domineering/destroyer part and can be considered as the detention place of the deeply abandoned; or it leads to a vision of domination/protection, in which the cage becomes shelter, arousing a longing for a place where one can be isolated and protected against others.

like the viewer to follow the same reflexive path with my work as a starting point. Indeed, if you show images related to confinement without any reference to their content, they lead to questic 1S, to moments of doubt and solitude. Here, the problematics are born from the gap between what is said and what is unspoken, from the perceptibility of the container and the invisibility of the content.

Finally, this study starts with the observation of our time and goes on towards prompting one to think through art forms, which is quite in keeping with the shaping up of my previous work. But attempting to express mental impalpability seems to me a most obvious concern at a time when information is broadcast through more and more performing technical means and when a conceptual approach has to express more loudly its singularity.

With this apprehension of void in an ambivalent world, I've wanted to develop through interpretative figures the possibility of thought related decisions as well as the impossible intervention of the What matters most with this confinement related procedure is paradoxically, its opening towards the interrogations that I wish it should bring out. That kind of reflection appeals to me and I would thinking process on actions."
Daniel Aulagmer