Ayacucho (2017–2022)

Ángela Ponce
Inkjet prints on paper
66.67 x 100 cm (8 prints), 33.33 x 50 cm
(32 prints)
Courtesy of the artist


Ángela Ponce’s photography grapples with social issues, political conflicts, disability rights and collective memory in the Latin American context. The photo essay Ayacucho (2017–2022) synthesises recent acts of remembrance attempting to make sense of the tragedies that befell the city of Ayacucho, Peru, towards the end of the twentieth century. Caught in the crossfire of an armed conflict initiated by the Communist Party of Peru and reciprocated by the state, women in the districts of Uchu, Accomarca, Lucamarca and Cayara were disproportionately the victims of disappearances and indiscriminate murders under a regime of terror. Ponce’s photo essay foregrounds the survivors’ pursuit of justice and truth.