Beirut Caoutchouc, 2004

Marwan Rechmaoui
Beirut Caoutchouc, 2004
Engraved black rubber
Dimensions variable
Installation view
Photo by Dariush Zandi


Using thick, black rubber, the Artist has meticulously crafted a sixty-piece jigsaw puzzle of the city of Beirut — each piece representing one of the city’s sixty different quarters, marked and divided by the carefully inscribed streets and highways that delineate its districts and neighbourhoods.

The puzzle sits solidly on the floor almost demanding engagement from visitors who traverse the surface and are offered, in exchange, a birds-eye view of a city they may or may not know, but whose challenges and resilience can be understood in different ways around the world.


This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 7 and 9


Beirut Caoutchouc

Rechmaoui, Marwan

Created from industrial materials such as concrete, metal, rubber, tar, textile, and glass, Marwan Rechmaoui’s work reflects his methodical study of cartography, demographics and urbanisation.