The second work is entitled "Beyond MourltJins and Skies', and again shows a dialogue with the local laidscape in Xinjiang Province. This work also documents a performance, which shows the artist pushing a large block of aoncrete, while on an opposite side there is an explosion of fireworks, 1.25 kilos of dynamite, and 5000 sheets of so-called 'XU3n' paper. Artists in China have traditionally used this type of paper for creating calligraphy works and ink paintings, a,~::! ,later the paper was also exported to west by the old 'Silk Road'. Aside from using the local landscape and traditional export products as material for his performance, he further places emphasis on the artist's masculine power, displayed in this endurance performance. In each of the photographs the artist demonstrates the muscles of his upper body whilst trying to push against the force of the explosion on the other side of the concrete.

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