Call Me When You Get There (2020)

Mame-Diarra Niang

Archival ink on cotton paper
70 x 70 cm (each)
Sharjah Art Foundation Collection
Courtesy of the artist

Sama Guent Guii
Archival ink on Photo Rag Metallic
110 x 110 cm (each)
Sharjah Art Foundation Collection
Courtesy of the artist

Call Me When You Get There
Archival pigment ink on William Turner paper, multi plywood, archival window mount and plexiglass
20 x 20 cm or 32 x 32 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Stevenson, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Johannesburg


Mame-Diarra Niang’s photographic work abstracts, fragments and decontextualises landscapes and portraits relating to her ancestral roots and Senegalese- Ivorian-French upbringing. Niang’s interrelated photographic series dwell on memory, selfhood and race. Call Me When You Get There (2020) examines themes of isolation, the fallibility of memory and the slippery construction of the self through distorted or glitched street view images collated from a mapping application. By withholding an immediate sense of clarity from the viewer, these uncanny and elusive images gesture at the opacity of the self.
Léthé (2021) is a dreamscape of abstracted portraits in which the self is dissolved into an unrecognisable subject. Printed on metallic paper, Sama Guent Guii (2021) is composed of ‘non-portraits’ that frame blurred subjects retreating from the point of focus. In this case, however, Niang applies parallel formal and conceptual motifs to her own relationship with Blackness, refusing to render it with granular definition and thereby maintaining its complexity.