Chorus (2017)

Reena Saini Kallat

Painted FRP, metal, speakers and single- channel audio
272 x 302 x 104 cm, 4 minutes 43 seconds

Chorus l
Painted FRP, metal, speakers and single- channel audio
244 x 173 x 142 cm, 5 minutes 11 seconds

Chorus ll
Lacquered MS, speakers and single-channel audio
246 x 79 x 66 cm, 4 minutes 36 seconds Sharjah Art Foundation Collection

Hyphenated Lives
14 postcards, cast resin sculptures Postcard: 10 x 15 cm (each)

Courtesy of the artist


Reena Saini Kallat’s practice examines ongoing civilisational affinities of language, culture, trade and technology that transcend the superficial divisions of nation-state boundaries. Chorus (2017), Chorus I (2015–2019) and Chorus II (2015–2019) are sculptures modelled after pre-radar devices employed as early warning systems during World War II to detect the engine sounds of enemy aircraft. The artist replaces the war soundscape with the song of the ‘national’ birds of neighbouring nation-states with hostile, turbulent histories (Israel-Palestine, UK- Ireland, India-Pakistan and USA- Mexico). Singing in unison, the birds resist their appropriation as symbols of singular national affiliation.